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Question:  You say that you are an independent provider of support coordination. What does that mean ?. 

Answer: Good question !. Life Connect Disability Services specialises in support coordination. I understand that truly independent support coordination must be fair, above board and beyond reproach. It is just too big a risk for conflicted interests which in plain terms means big organisations subtly or sometimes less subtly moving clients into their own services at the detriment of the client. I just don't think that is fair as it becomes more about profits than people. That is why if I am lucky enough to have you choose me to be your support coordinator that is exactly what I will do. I will be listening to you and then getting out into the world finding the best services for you. This separation of interests means you don't have to worry about me referring you to other arms of my own organisation or into the waiting arms of mates of mine. I work for you and only you with no conflicted interests.  This separation of interests doesn't mean I have just turned up and decided I might offer some support coordination services. I was a service provider with specialisations in employment and working with high risk, complex participant groups. This background and continuing involvement with what is going on in the industry means I keep my finger on the pulse of what is happening in the service industry. This gives you the piece of mind in knowing that I understand what looks like good practice in service agencies and what isn't.   


Question:  What area's do you service?

Answer: The service covers the northern suburbs of Melbourne and the Ballarat, Moorabool, Golden Plains, Pyrenees and Central Goldfields council areas. Suburbs and towns in this area include Melton, Bacchus Marsh, Ballan, Ballarat, Creswick, Beaufort and Ararat. The service can come to you for a no obligation free quote on services.   


Question: Do you charge me for pre-planning for my first meeting with the NDIS before I get my plan or for our first meeting if I have already got a plan.


Answer: My first meeting with clients is always free and without obligation. I am happy to sit with you and go over your needs and discuss strategies that have worked effectively for other clients I have represented in getting great first plans from the NDIS. We can also discuss exactly what I can do for you if you already have that plan and give you a schedule of how much my services will cost. 


Question: What is the difference between your service and the big services that offer support packages. 

Answer: This service is really big on skills building in a one on one relationship with you. Your Life Connect Disability Services support coordinator will do lots of behind the scenes organising with other service providers, community groups and government agencies for you to achieve your goals and plans. Your Life Connect Disability Services worker will be the one worker you will meet and work with from the moment we put together a plan. Our selling point is our personalised service, our expertise and independence. Your support coordinator will not only bring with them strong people skills and knowledge. They will be able to draw on a wealth of shared expertise of each member of our team.  The difference is that you are not calling into a large, faceless organisation with multiple phone transfers or any certainty your support coordinator will be there on the day or know what you really need. It is all about personal, strong relationships and knowing who we are and how to find us. 


Question:  What is your assessment process ?.

Answer: The assessment process is where I sit down with you and your supporters and learn all about you. I use a range of questionnaires and just good old fashioned having a chat, asking lots of questions and listening really well to make sure I completely understand what it is you are wanting to achieve. We will then work out a plan for you that clearly says what your goal is and how we are going to achieve it. 


Question: Your web site talks about advocacy on my behalf. What does that mean ?.


Answer: It means a few different things. Firstly, if at any time you are not understanding the process or just want to hear from someone else other than me telling you how great the service is, all you have to do is tell me you want an independent person involved and I will arrange that before we go any further. It also means that I will champion your needs for you with other service providers and find the best deal. For example, if you wanted to go to a social group and their wheel chair access wasn't great I would meet with them and advocate for better access so we can keep our program going which of course is all about you doing your thing. Finally, when you are finished with my service and I have had a really good chance to understand you and your needs I will write up a report clearly describing what we did, what worked well and what opportunities might exist for you in the future. You can use this to deal with your NDIS planner and other service providers. I am also more than happy to talk with them to help them get where you are coming from. 


Question: I have an enduring and long term mental health situation with special needs. How can I be sure you understand that and will you work with my other mental health providers ?.

Answer: I completely get that. I have undergraduate and post graduate qualifications in psychology and experience working for specialist mental health agencies. I am not a mental health clinician or a psychologist but I am someone who likes to help you organise and work closely with your mental health network. Think of me as your agent in the field to put into practice all the strategies you might have learned in the clinicians office but never quite got into practice out in the world. I regularly work with clients to help them explore symptoms of distress they are experiencing and connect them into the right resources which means if you want me to meet with your psychologist to get some instructions I will or if you want me to find you a new and different mental health professional I can do that too.


Question: My mental illness is under control and I am looking to grow in my abilities and freedom to do what I want to do. How can I be sure you understand that ?.

Answer:  My work and personal ethos is all about working with people who are recovering from the limitations their personal challenges have put on them. All my mental health work has thrived on the prospect of recovery and growth. For too long now a lot of people have thought that recovery from mental illness means you can only spend time with other people with mental illnesses or will never really be as good as you might once have been. I believe that is not right at all. My work is all about getting better and moving on which means you can be in any group or take on any challenge you want to. That is who I am.  


Question: You say that you are a child safe service provider. What does that mean ?.

Answer:  That means the service has developed a visible and accessible series of practices and procedures that comply with the Victorian Child Safe Standards. For example, you can view a copy of our Child Safe Code of Conduct and Child Safe Policy on this web site as well as links to useful resources on how to identify, respond and report child abuse. Our practices and procedures for keeping children safe are designed to give our customers a clear understanding of how we recruit, supervise and train our safe to be safe when working with children. Our approach also shows our customers what procedures we have in place for reducing the risk of child abuse as well as what we will do in terms of reporting child abuse if we identify it or receive a report of harm to a child occurring. 


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